Heavy-Duty Heat Shield Tape and Insulation Fasteners

Heat reflective tapes can be used for in-field repair and heavy-duty fasteners hold insulation in place

  • 热磁带能够屏蔽90%的热量
  • Heavy-duty stainless locking ties
  • High-temperature fastener springs
  • Insulation anchor systems
  • OEM and aftermarket solutions
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    Heat shield tape can be used to reflect up to 90% of radiant heat away from hoses, lines, harnesses, and other components. When used with a 1-inch air gap from the heat source and good air flow barrier tapes shield away the thermal energy. Made from a rugged fiberglass backer, these are more than just a mylar or foil tape solution. These are genuine thermal insulation barriers offering real radiant heat protection.

    Insulation fasteners come in a variety of configurations and sizes. Stainless steel locking ties provide a semi-permanent way to secure heavy-duty exhaust wraps and heat shields to exhaust components. The Power Anchor system provides a secure way to mound insulation to exhaust components but allows for removal when other components need servicing.

    OEM Friendly - While we offer many readily available aftermarket solutions, we can custom slit, cut, and die cut these tapes to meet your production needs.

    Security since 1985

    Heatshield Products has been manufacturing high-temperature insulation and innovating since 1985.

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