Heat Shield and Exhaust Insulation - HP Felt Shield


Heavy-duty heat shield liner reflects and reduces heat inside interiors and engine bays keeping operators and components safe.

  • Reflects up to 90% of radiant heat (ASTM F1939 & Mil-C-24929A)
  • Continuous direct contact temperature, 1800°F, HP felt side
  • May be used as direct insulation on exhaust system
  • Or face foil side towards heat source to act as a radiant heat shield barrier
  • Made in the USA
1800°F 982℃ CONTINUOUS
2200°F 1204℃ Intermittent
    Sku Description
    HD80102 0.125 thk x 53 in x 60 in
    HD80101 0.125 thk x 24 in x 53 in
    HD80111 0.25 thk x 24 in x 53 in
    HD80112 0.25 thk x 53 in x 60 in

    Heat Shield Insulation Liner

    HP Felt Shield is a versatile insulation system that may be used to reflect or reduce radiant heat. In many diesel particulate trap retro fit applications tight clearances but high-performance insulation is needed. The special high temperature insulation materials used in this fabric make it amazingly efficient at displacing thermal energy, even in a 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch thickness. The versatility of this product allows it to be used as a heat shield thermal barrier by lining the engine compartment or under side of vehicle and facing the aluminum side towards the heat source to stop the radiant heat. When used as a heat shield barrier, attach mechanically with rivets or screws, large washers are also recommended. It is capable of reflect 1100F of continuous radiant heat with a greater than 90% reflective when there is a 1-inch air gap and good air flow.


    This versatile heat shield may also be placed directly on the exhaust system. Trimming and fitting the HP Felt Shield and placing the black side onto the exhaust system offers a dynamic and light weight insulating wrap. Simply secure to exhaust components with clamps, stainless steel locking ties, or insulation anchors. The felt sides is rated for 1800F continuous making it capable of reducing tier 4 emissions heat in tight fit applications.

    Industries Served:

    • Manufacturing
    • Bus – RV
    • Marine
    • Petrochemical
    • Power Generation
    • Manufacturing
    • Armored Vehicles
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