New Heatshield Products Pro-Boots Versus Factory Spark Plug Boot Heat Shields


Just because the OEM manufacturer calls something a heat shield doesn’t mean the part is effective as a heat shield. From the factory, GM LS- and LT-series engines come equipped with a simple, stamped aluminum spark plug boot heat shield. These shields are marginally effective, with the downside being that once they’re heat saturated the boots inside the shield will also become heated and suffer the negative effects from cooking inside the shield. A better solution is required, especially on high-performance street and race cars using tubular exhaust headers that generate more heat in close proximity to the spark plug boots/wires.


C7 Corvette火花塞靴热屏蔽

更多:所有LS-和LT系列发动机都共享了与相同的金属火花塞靴隔热屏蔽相同的点火线设置。在像C7 Cortvette这样的车辆中,发动机附近的开放空间远远多于卡车。这些更紧张的限制用于增加火花塞线/靴子的热量与卡车/ SUV或甚至Camaro相比。

C7 Corvette火花塞靴热屏蔽温度读数

更多:Once we got the Corvette up to operating temperature, we started taking some heat readings. Using a direct contact probe, we measured how hot the factory boot shield got once the engine was up to normal operating temperature, while the engine was still running.


更多:The factory heat shield measured 210.2 degrees F, and this was without any heat soak like seen with continual operation. Since the factory shield is in direct contact with the spark plug boot, and its aluminum construction makes it a conductor of heat, this means that heat is being transferred to the boot. While silicone isn’t a good conductor of heat, it can still be heated up to temperatures that cause the boot to wear and break down. It also means that as the boot heats, electrical resistance in the spark plug wire increases. As resistance goes up, the amount of spark energy reaching the spark plug for ignition decreases, hurting performance.

GM LS系列和LE​​系列V8工厂火花塞靴隔热罩



更多:新利体育香港版032;利lb快乐彩热屏幕产品新的Pro-BootTMspark plug boot heat shields are made from HP’s proprietary and specially formulated LavaTM由火山岩石纤维制成的热阻挡材料。与铝制出厂隔热罩的铝制品不同,熔岩TM材料不会像靠近一样的热能。这意味着通过屏障的热量较少,在火花塞靴上产生影响。Pro-Boots.TMcan withstand up to 1200 degrees F of constant heat, while also being chemical and acid resistant. They also will not conduct electrical energy as well, unlike the factory aluminum shields.

新利体育香港版032;利lb快乐彩加热屏幕产品Pro-Boot Spark Plug Boot Meat Shift安装在C7 Corvette LT-1上

更多:An added feature of the Pro-BootTMis a closeable end that allows for the heat shield to be sealed. This prevents dirt and debris from accumulating inside the Pro-Boot, which can cause degradation of the spark plug boot like an abrasive activated by engine vibration. It also prevents a pocket of heated air from forming inside the shield, which creates a mini-oven effect inside the shield. This is a weakness in standard spark plug boot shields that have a non-closeable end. The blue wire coming out of the Pro-Boot in the photo is a thermal probe that let us measure the temperature inside the Pro-Boot. We also rigged up a probe inside the factory heat shield on the neighboring cylinder for comparison.

Pro-Boot C7 Corvette LT-1火花塞启动热屏蔽温度读数

更多:使用pro-bootTMinstalled, we measured a temperature of 158.9 inside the heat shield. From the probe inside the factory heat shield, we measured 212.1 degrees F. That’s a reduction of about 54 degrees F, a huge difference and much less damaging and performance affecting heat the spark plug boot will be exposed to.