1. Quick Guide to Heat Shield Sleeve Products

    Quick Guide to Heat Shield Sleeve Products

    Heat shield sleeves can make the difference between a reliable vehicle and one that’s constantly having issues. Anything underhood near the engine and exhaust is subjected to constant, high-temperature ambient heat. In some situations there can be intermittent contact with a high-temperature heat source that can lead to irregular operation of components or even premature failure. Protecting wiring harnesses, fluid lines and critical linkages from heat and/or potential friction damage can stop a good day from turning into a bad one, whether you’re just going for a cruise or at the racetrack.

    Heat Shield Sleeves:

    • Protect fluid lines from heat exposure that can heat fluid inside to point of breakdown or loss of function (like fuel vapor lock)
    • Protect wir
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  2. Heat Issues to Look For and Fix Before Cruising Season

    Heat Issues to Look For and Fix Before Cruising Season

    夏天巡航季节就在拐角处。Now’s the time to go over your ride and make sure you’re protected against heat-related issues so you don’t end up on the side of the road or in some parking lot. Heatshield Products has a variety of thermal and reflective/deflective heat barriers and insulation that can help guard against summer heat adding to underhood and under-vehicle heat to create reliability issues and possible premature component and system failures.

    Areas to protect for heat issues:

    • Fuel lines
    • Power steering and brake lines
    • Wiring harnesses and connectors
    • Clutch slave cylinders
    • Under-vehicle components located near the exhaust system

    There areas to look at for where heat can cause you problems are anyplace on the vehicle where fluid lines, fuel lines, wiring harnesses and ignition wires/components are close to a major heat source. For example, fuel lines that run close

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  3. Why Are Lower Intake Air Temperatures So Important?

    Why Are Lower Intake Air Temperatures So Important?

    When it comes to a modern engine’s performance, keeping your intake air temperature (IAT) as low as possible is crucial for maximum engine output. This is why Heatshield Products has developed special materials and kits specifically for keeping IATs cooler by insulating the vehicle’s air intake system.

    Today’s modern sensors are more sophisticated and sensitive to whatever data they are recording, and a modern fuel injected powerplant’s intake air temperature sensor is no exception. These sensors can detect temperature changes in tenths of a degree, sending this data back to the vehicle’s ECU where it’s processed and changes made to the vehicles air/fuel mixture and ignition timing to prevent engine knock/detonation from occurring. If the ECU calculates from data engine ignition timing needs to be reduced by even one degree because of intake air temperature, that can reduce engine output by about 15-20 horsepower.

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  4. Thermaflect Sleeve Quick Test

    Fuel line protective sleeve being installed in a car engine.

    The Thermaflect Sleeve Quick Test: How Our Fuel Line Protective Sleeve Stops Vapor Lock

    The summer’s been hotter than a sauna in the seventh level of hell. For anyone with a carbureted engine, that means the risk of vapor lock increased dramatically.

    Quick Heatshield Products tech refresher:Vapor lockis when the fuel in your vehicle gets too hot and starts to go from liquid to vapor inside the lines. If your lines are not properly protected with a fuel line protective sleeve, vapor lock will keep the fuel from flowing and leave you stranded, sweating someplace while you wait f

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  5. Off-Road Ready with Heatshield Products

    Flat Fender Jeep Easter Jeep Safari 2019

    It’s fun to hit the trail and go places most people only see in pictures or video/TV/movie footage. It’s not about going fast like a lot of driving is these days, but rather about taking your time and enjoying the scenery while experiencing a unique driving challenge. It’s also an environment that can be particularly punishing for even off-road-designed/prepped vehicles.

    We’re just back from the 2019 Easter Jeep Safari event in Moab, Utah, and trail rides on Hell’s Revenge, Kane Creek, Steel Bender and others. We thought it would be useful to highlight some of the great products offered by Heatshield Products to make your off-road adventure even better and so that y

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