1. Heatshield Armor, Stealth Shield and Sticky Shield Test

    Heatshield Armor, Stealth Shield and Sticky Shield Test

    In ourprevious blog, we showed the benefits of replacing the OE insulation typically found under carpet or vinyl flooring with ourStealth™ Shield。隐形屏蔽作品很大,并实现尽可能保持尽可能多的热量从辐射到车辆内部的最佳结果,您可以使用热屏蔽产品阵容中的两个额外的热障碍。新利lb快乐彩新利体育香港版


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  2. Classic Trucks November 2013


    Be sure to check out the November 2013 issue of Classic Trucks! Editor Wes Drelleshak installs some Heatshield Armor along with his Vintage Air AC kit! Adding AC for driver comfort is nice, but keeping heat out of the interior can make it twice as nice. We know Wes abuses his truck so we decided to help him out with the best product available to retain heat inside his exhaust system and keep his truck cool. Heatshield Armor can reduce radiant heat by as much as 70%. Keeping the heat where it belongs can not only improve performance, but enables your AC to not have to struggle as hard to keep you cool!#classictrcusk #heatshieldarmor

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