1. Heatshield Armor, Stealth Shield and Sticky Shield Test

    Heatshield Armor, Stealth Shield and Sticky Shield Test

    In ourprevious blog, we showed the benefits of replacing the OE insulation typically found under carpet or vinyl flooring with ourStealth™ Shield. Stealth Shield works great, and to achieve the best results in keeping as much heat as possible from being radiated into the vehicle’s interior from underneath, you can use two additional thermal barriers from the Heatshield Products lineup.

    Sticky™ Shieldstick

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  2. Sticky Shield and Stealth Shield Floor Pan Heat Simulation

    Sticky Shield and Stealth Shield Floor Pan Heat Simulation

    Heat rises. Always has, always will. It’s one of those physics things that’s indisputable and constant in the universe. It’s also why the heat from the exhaust system on a car or truck will always radiate upward. As that heat goes up, it hits the floorboard, then is transferred to the interior, which increases the amount of heat that the air conditioning system (if the vehicle has A/C) has to deal with – not to mention it’s felt by the feet, legs and even rearend of passengers.

    新利lb快乐彩has multiple products that can reduce this heat, including ourHeatshield Armor排气绝缘。我们知道有些人不want to put anything on th

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  3. Thermal Barriers You Need to Beat the Summer Heat

    Summer is here, which means fun times cruising, going to car shows and/or off-roading. But along with sunny skies and great scenery comes heat. Controlling the heat that your car or truck makes with the right heat shields can avoid overheating, vapor lock and keep you a lot cooler and more comfortable inside your ride.

    We’ve put together a list of thermal-barrier products from Heatshield that can keep the heat at bay and your ride running properly.

    Thermaflect Sleeve

    ABOVE:Thermaflect Sleeve™ is great for fuel lines as well as for protecting power-steering lines, brake lines, wiring bundles and harnesses, and even rad

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