1. Heatshield Armor, Stealth Shield and Sticky Shield Test

    Heatshield Armor, Stealth Shield and Sticky Shield Test

    In ourprevious blog, we showed the benefits of replacing the OE insulation typically found under carpet or vinyl flooring with ourStealth™ Shield. Stealth Shield works great, and to achieve the best results in keeping as much heat as possible from being radiated into the vehicle’s interior from underneath, you can use two additional thermal barriers from the Heatshield Products lineup.

    Sticky™ Shieldstick

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  2. Sticky Shield and Stealth Shield Floor Pan Heat Simulation

    Sticky Shield and Stealth Shield Floor Pan Heat Simulation

    Heat rises. Always has, always will. It’s one of those physics things that’s indisputable and constant in the universe. It’s also why the heat from the exhaust system on a car or truck will always radiate upward. As that heat goes up, it hits the floorboard, then is transferred to the interior, which increases the amount of heat that the air conditioning system (if the vehicle has A/C) has to deal with – not to mention it’s felt by the feet, legs and even rearend of passengers.

    新利lb快乐彩has multiple products that can reduce this heat, including ourHeatshield Armorexhaust insulation. We know that some people don’t want to put anything on th

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  3. Keeping Heat Out Without Adding Significant Weight

    Keeping Heat Out Without Adding Significant Weight

    In a production car or truck, adding pounds of noise- and heat-blocking insulation is often done to keep the cabin quiet and comfy, even on the hottest days. It’s a stark contrast to the world of racing, where modifications are evaluated for necessity versus a tenth-of-a-second or mile-per-hour of speed, since the additional weight could make the difference between victory and defeat. Strict focus on performance versus weight often means driver comfort is sacrificed. Another issue is that the exposure to high heat could result in component failure or performance loss.

    新利lb快乐彩开发了热障碍和绝缘工程师吗neered to keep heat out–or in—without adding significant weight. Decades of R&D work as well as being hands on with racers led us to create solutions for these problems. We recently worked on the T-Rex project, a car being built

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  4. Heatshield Products Across the Pond

    Controlling heat, improving performance and protecting components from heat knows no borders. The same heat issues we face in the U.S. are the same as those faced by fellow enthusiasts all over the world.

    We recently had a chance to visitOld Hall Performance(OHP), based in the Coventry area of the U.K. The company offers high-quality automotive performance products throughout the European market. It is also the primary outlet for our English cousins to get Heatshield Products exhaust insulation and thermal barriers for their rides and race cars. Established in 2005, OHP has built an arsenal of experience in the automotive aftermarket, from street performance to racing.

    Miles (background) and Guy (foreground) are the men on the ground forOld

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  5. Controlling Underhood Heat on a Jeep Wrangler 4.0 – Part I

    Controlling Jeep Wrangler’s Under Hood Operating Temps

    The Jeep 4.0L inline-six was the last true Jeep/AMC engine design before Chrysler bought everything and folded it into the Pentastar family. It was the final derivative of the old 4.2 in

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