1. Why Does My Exhaust Wrap Smoke?

    为什么我的Exhaust Wrap Smoking?

    You’ve finished installing your freshly wrapped headers and exhaust but a few minutes after firing up the engine, you notice yourexhaust wrap smokingfrom the engine bay and exhaust. You open the hood and nothing is on fire, but your freshly installed exhaust heat wrap is smoking like it’s going to catch on fire. Not to worry—this is actually normal for newly installed high temp exhaust tape that has not yet been exposed to heat!

    排气和header wraps用粘合剂制成,这些粘合剂是特别配制的淀粉,给包裹的纤维提供一些结构

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  2. Header Armor Heat Shield Retains More Heat and is Warranty Compliant

    新利体育香港版032;利lb快乐彩热屏蔽产品Header Armor reduces radiant heat from headers by up to 70 percent, is easier to install than header wrap and won’t void most header companies’ warranty.

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  3. Heat Insulation 101 - The basics of exhaust insulation

    Heat insulators retain heat in what they are placed upon. The most efficient way to fix a hot firewall, interior, or fuel cell is to stop heat at the source with an insulator to protect car from heat. Most insulators are exhaust wraps, but there are other options. Typical insulators (wraps) available on the market are comprised of fiberglass, which is good for 1000F of continuous direct heat.玻璃纤维排气包裹可以具有适用于它们的特殊涂层,例如“蛭石,”石墨等,其允许玻璃纤维服用1200f连续直接接触。新利体育香港版032;利lb快乐彩热屏蔽产品has even developed a proprietary HPTC coatingwhich allows the glass to sustain 1350F of continuous heat. In addition, the wrap will remain flexible, strong, and abrasion-resistant even at those temperatures to provide car heat protection.

    Be cautious of any fiberglass wrap advertising or labeled as 2000F as this number is the maximum temperature a fiberglass exhaust heat wrap can withstand for less than 30 seconds. Anything above 2000F for an extended period of time will cook fiberglass exhaust wrap, causing it to get brittle and fall apart. That is because it exceeded the 1200F degree continual operating temperature, and the chemical make-up has actually changed and crystallized.

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