1. Key Benefits of Installing Exhaust Wrap

    Key Benefits of Installing Exhaust Wrap

    无论是街道车,赛车还是一辆看到一点的车辆,安装exhaust wrapprovides multiple benefits that increase performance while improving reliability and longevity. Any time you can control and reduce the amount of heat being radiated from your exhaust system, from the headers all the way to the tail pipe, you car, truck or motorcycle will be better off and so will you.

    Installing exhaust wrap results in:

    • Improved reliability due to reduced heat exposure to vehicle components near the exhaust system
    • 从排气系统更有效地增加发动机性能
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  2. 为什么较低的进气温气温如此重要?



    Today’s modern sensors are more sophisticated and sensitive to whatever data they are recording, and a modern fuel injected powerplant’s intake air temperature sensor is no exception. These sensors can detect temperature changes in tenths of a degree, sending this data back to the vehicle’s ECU where it’s processed and changes made to the vehicles air/fuel mixture and ignition timing to prevent engine knock/detonation from occurring. If the ECU calculates from data engine ignition timing needs to be reduced by even one degree because of intake air temperature, that can reduce engine output by about 15-20 horsepower.

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  3. 不,通用电机LS V8不是福特温莎V8的副本



    新利lb快乐彩offers solutions that help people get more power and reliability out of any engine. Add horsepower to your GM LS V8 with theI-M Shield™ thermal b

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  4. 熔岩排气包装安装和测试


    谈到时,有很多神话,摩尔基和马粪exhaust wrap。最大的桩是排气包裹摧毁了你的标题。这是一种误解,让人们远离使用排气包装来提高性能。当你缠绕排气头时,更多的热量留在头部管道中 - 这就是你想要的。

    Where the misconception comes into play is with what happens after the wrap is on. There are a multitude of headers out there and therefore a variety of alloys for tube material. Metal alloys have a minimum and maximum temperature rating for what they can withstand. Extreme cold has major effects on metal just like extreme heat does. That’s why aircraft aluminum is designed to withstand extreme cold way more than extreme hea

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  5. 像Pro一样安装热屏蔽产品新利lb快乐彩新利体育香港版

    Things would be a lot easier if all those exhaust pipes and manifolds were straight when it came to installing exhaust wrap or other thermal barriers to cut down on the heat radiated by the exhaust system. But all those bends are there for a reason, so you just have to soldier through it and do the best you can.

    Knowing what everyone faces when it comes to wrapping their exhaust systems in thermal barrier materials, we’ve put together some helpful videos that demonstrate how to cut and shape your Heatshield Products materials to make installation over bends in exhaust pipes and manifolds easier, along with some tips on how to actually install the product to make things easier as well.

    Heatshield Armor

    Heatshield Armor™ is one of the most versatile thermal barrier materials on the market for cutting down on heat radiated from exhaust systems. It’s so good

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