1. Heatshield Products Lava™ Starter Heat Shield Installation and Road Test

    Heatshield Products Lava™ Starter Heat Shield Installation and Road Test

    Excessive heat will shorten an engine’s starter lifespan significant, and can cause intermittent failures during heat soak. Recognizing this problem, Heatshield Products developed theLava™ Starter Heat Shieldto provide protection to from excessive heat.

    Anyone with a big-block V8 and headers back in the day learned really quick to hate the sound of a heat cooked started just going click, leaving them stuck or crawling under the car with a hammer to hit the starter a few times. The shift toward gear-reduction starters helped reduce the frequency of heat-related starter failures, but it can still occur. Packed engine compartments that limit air flow, and header tubes pretty much surrounding the starter is a recipe for heat to damage the starter.

    Lava Starter Heat Shield is

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  2. How to Install Heatshield Products LP Shield™

    How to Install Heatshield Products LP Shield™

    There’s more to a rattle or vibration than it being simply a distracting noise. In the case of a license plate, that nuisance usually means the plate is making contact with the car’s body, thereby causing scratches, chips and other damage to the paint and finish. Adding Heatshield Products LP Shield™ to the license plate is an easy solution for adding protection.

    LP Shield Benefits:

    • Stops vibration and harmonic resonance of license/vanity plates

    • Protects chrome and painted surfaces behind the license plate from contact damage • Installation takes minutes

    • Inexpensive product eliminates costly paint damage

    LP Shield is made of Heatshield Products specially formulated, sponge-like damping material. Its high-temperat

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  3. Why Use a BBQ Smoker Insulation Blanket?

    BBQ Smoker Insulation Blanket

    Why Use a BBQ Smoker Insulation Blanket?

    ABBQ smoker insulation blanket执行一些基本功能,which can help you maintain high, even temperatures, and regulate your fuel usage more efficiently. Barbecue lovers know that the quality of the cook can make all of the difference between good BBQ and great BBQ. And, insulating your smoker is one of the easiest things that you can do to improve your cooking and maintain high and even temperatures from start to finish—whether you’re going low and slow or hot and fast. In this post, we’re looking at some of the specific functions of an insulation blanket for your smoker, with a few insights on how to insulate smoker BBQs for the best results.

    The Benefits of High-Temperature Insul

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