1. 5 Sound Deadening Myths


    5 Automotive Sound-Deadening Myths

    At Heatshield Products, we’ve heard just about every automotivesound deadeningmyth (and lie) out there. The heavier the deadener, the better. Two layers are better than one. The check’s in the mail -- we’ve heard it all. So, it’s time for us to set the record straight.

    The Five Most Common Vehicle Sound-Deadening Myths:

    Myth #1-Vehicle sound d

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  2. Fall In Full Swing

    秋天是在我们身上,这是一年中繁忙的时光。当我们在HPI中解决更多项目时,我们正在击中Sema的步幅,但不会忘记所有其他项目也存在。你检查过#ANconversion应用程序?它将帮助您根据软管尺寸的尺寸挑选正确的袖子。OD可能因不同的制造商而异,但我们采取了最受欢迎的软管,并制作了一个Web应用程序来帮助您挑选袖子尺寸!我们刚刚推出它,你可以在这里看看!务必阅读我们即将推出的新产品xdbarmor.! It is 20% lighter than the most extreme dampener with 30% more dampening capability! Read more here and stay tuned to the social media for its official launch.

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  3. SEMA Sneak Peak



    We didn’t know they were going to color coordinate!

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  4. 额外的星期一

    Finally a long weekend, and we took the time off to enjoy it! Well it is back to the grind (and 10 cups of coffee) as we get closer to SEMA. Tuesday feels a lot more like a Monday and with the extra day off, it feels like an extra Monday #monday, if that makes any sense. We hope #bayonecustoms and #thegarageinc , are banging away on their #semabuilds. While our builders are busy cranking away, we are taking their feedback and yours as well come up with some special goodies back in the #skunkworks . Speaking of the skunk works, here is a peek at a prototype turbo shield and exhaust jacket for an OEM marine engine company.


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