As the first leaf forlornly falls to the ground with Fall’s approach, thoughts of cozying up to a warm fireplace to keep Winter’s chill at bay come forth. That means it’s time to get the fireplace ready, chop wood or stock up gas, cleaning flues, and if you’ve got a gas fireplace readying for your gas bill to go up. But be it wood powered or gas, Heatshield Products now has something to help you get more heat out of your fireplace while lowering your fuel costs (be it in dollars or gallons of sweat) with our new FireFlect Shield™ thermal barrier for fireplaces.

While the stone or bricks a fireplace is typically constructed from reflect heat towards the fireplace opening, a lot of the heat is sent up the chimney and absorbed into the fireplace walls and mortar. Not only does this mean less heat going into your house or cabin, but that heat does eventually take a toll on the fireplace wall stones or bricks and the mortar that keeps them together. And if you’re fireplace i

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