1. Stick It! Thermal Barriers from Heatshield Products, Featuring Built-in Adhesive Backing

    We’re betting that while you want a thermal barrier that controls heat, you don’t want to puncture the mounting surface or make any modifications in the process. The good news is, Heatshield Products offers several thermal barriers with built-in adhesive backing for easy installation—and one that does not require cutting, modifying or spraying adhesive on anything.

    积分粘合底布上这些产品哈s a special high-temp design that won’t lose its adhesive properties, even after numerous heat cycles and long exposure to heat.

    If you’re unsure which thermal barrier is right for your application and heat concerns, use our handyHeatshield Products thermal barrier materials guide. We have explained each product and clearly defined its maximum intermittent and constant-heat exposure temperatures.

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  2. Making an Intercooler Even Cooler with Heatshield Products

    Making a Car Intercooler Even Cooler with Heatshield Products

    Adding a boost to your vehicle’s performance is popular in the performance world. However, heat happens when air is compressed by either a turbo or supercharger -- and hot air is not good for making power. That’s why many turbo and blower systems have a custom intercooler to cool the compressed air before it enters the engine. If your car’s intercooler is a water-to-air type with a reservoir tank,新利lb快乐彩will show you how to keep it even cooler for increased engine power.

    Our Custom Intercooler Tech

    OurSticky Heat Shieldacts as a barrier to deflect ambient heat away from the tank. Its specially formulated Kool Core™ thermal-barrier materia

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